Students and staff across the David Ross Education Trust celebrate World Book Day

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

From a live BBC broadcast to ‘Gruffalo Crumble’, thousands of primary students get into World Book Day spir

Pupils and staff across David Ross Education Trust primary schools plan to make their World Book Day (7 March 2019) celebrations bigger than ever! From a giant human collage to a ‘Booky Breakfast’, the Trust’s 22 primary schools are all planning a range of activities with some schools turning their book day into a ‘month of reading’.  BBC Radio Northampton will be broadcasting from Northampton’s Greenfields Primary School as students celebrate World Book Day.

Everyone is getting into the spirit of the World Book Day with their favourite book character costumes, themed days, through to bedtime stories where pupils and staff will wear pyjamas in school. Schools are also organising their own book sales, book swaps and even inviting guests from the community to take part in their activities and encouraging more children to read.

Pupils at Hull’s Ainthorpe Primary School are having a ‘Booky Breakfast’, where the school will open earlier than normal on the day, serving toast and drinks for parents and children so they can enjoy a book and a read together before school. Pupils will also be having creative lunch with themed dishes: Ratburgers (from David Walliams’ “Ratburger”), Hot Dogs (from “The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!” by Mo Willems), Gruffalo Crumble and Hungry Caterpillar Fruit Salad.

At Endike Primary School in Hull, pupils are dressing up as either their favourite book character or wearing something more comfortable – their pyjamas – in support of bedtime stories. The school council have encouraged creative ways to engage in reading by organising competitions, including ‘guess the weight of the book’, height of book stacks, and a book quiz to take home to complete with the family.  

Schools across Northamptonshire have a huge variety of activities planned, with some schools even extending their World Book Day into a whole month. Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School in Northampton are holding a ‘mad month of reading’. This involves 31 different reading challenges (one every day) which families can complete at home. On the day, pupils and staff will also be wearing pyjamas and parents will be invited for a bedtime story, read out by Mr Northcott, the Headteacher at the school.

At Kings Heath Primary Academy, guests from around the community will be visiting the school throughout the day. Year 5 will be joined for a reading session by residents from the Templemore Home for the Elderly, and Year 4 will be visited by a Northampton Town Football Club player. Year 2 will have an opportunity to listen to their favourite book being read out in Chinese by a local resident.

The Arbours Primary Academy are also turning their day into a reading month. Each classroom will host their own activity, including blanket fort, telling ghost stories and reading by a torchlight. The school will also be visited by a West End dance troupe where they will explore the characters and key events from a book through movement.

At Cedar Road Primary School in Northampton, pupils and staff will be dressing up as book characters and these will be showcased at a special assembly. There will also be a book exchange – children bring in a book to swap, receive a token for it then exchange the token for a book that has been brought in by someone else. Story share – each class buddies up with another class so the children can pair up and share a story book. The school will also hold a book fair from 18th-22nd March.

Meanwhile, at Greenfields Primary School in Kettering, there will be a live broadcast through BBC Northampton on their breakfast show as well as drive time show. The radio station will start their broadcast with a school assembly, following with interviews with pupils, parents and staff.

Daventry’s Newnham Primary School and Welton Academy – pupils and staff will dress up, host class-based reading activities, and teachers will share their favourite childhood book.  The school will also be having a book swap where all of the children have been invited to bring in a book they have enjoyed and think their classmate may like. They have to write a brief dedication and why they like the book.  These will then be redistributed by the teachers, with the dedication inside.

Falconer’s Hill Academy – The school will be using World Book Day to kick off their sponsored reading challenge. The aim is to raise funds to add further to the books in the school library. There will also be a theme of ‘Share A Story’ where pupils and teachers will share their favourite books and stories throughout the day.

Edward Heneage Primary Academy in Grimsby will see children dressing up as a character from their favourite book and bringing the book with them. There will be a shared story time in the afternoon for the children to share the books with each other.

Fairfield Academy in Grimsby, will create a giant human collage on the field to mark the day. The school will also work through to complete a ‘chain story’ where each part of the story is built upon by another class to create a full piece of work.

Other activities across the Trust will include:

  • Pupils at Leicestershire’s Bringhurst Primary School will have a dress up day for each year group around a story character.
  • Quay Academy – Both staff and children at Quay Academy in Bridlington will be dressing up as a book character and bringing in the book that their character is from to read in class. Staff are planning an activity to be completed on the day, linked with their current class book that they read for pleasure. An assembly will be held to introduce the World Book Day, and rewards and awards will be presented to the children throughout the day for reading, completion of activities and costumes.
  • Hogsthorpe Primary Academy –  The school is basing World Book Day around the book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae. It will be a non-uniform day and the children can dress up as animals or animal-themed clothing. In the afternoon, there will be a growth mindset assembly, to which the parents and carers are invited. The children will use Talk 4 Writing to tell the story of ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’, sing and talk about examples of displaying a growth mindset.
  • Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy in Scarborough – This year the school council decided on a theme of ‘101 Dalmatians’. After launching an exciting assembly and sharing this theme with parents before half term, the school is excited to see everyone come together to embrace the spotty theme! In the afternoon, teachers will share fun and exciting activities with their class surrounding the theme. Suggested activities include, creating missing posters, art work , maths problems.