Pupils learn about healthy living by stepping into ‘mile a day’ club 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Pupils at Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy in Scarborough, part of the David Ross Education Trust, are increasing their step count by attending ‘Mile a Day’ morning club. The club has been set up by school to encourage children to keep active  by walking at least a mile a day.

Paul Prest, Headteacher at Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy, said: “Our ‘Mile a Day’ club is a small change for our pupils, but it’s proving to be a huge success. Children love joining in, even with the recent cold weather! It’s great to see that how we can help children learn about the importance of regular exercise to help them feel better and concentrate even more in lessons.”

Taking part in morning exercise helps pupils improve their concentration while taking part in a physical activity.  The ‘Mile a Day’ club involves children from 4 – 11 years old.

Paul Prest, added: “Introducing these small changes a young age will hopefully make a difference when our pupils grow up. Our ‘Mile a Day’ club really brings the school together as a community. Many parents have also told us that it’s a great way to help children get used to managing their time because if they don’t get up in time, they can’t join in.”