Greenfields Primary School and Nursery Celebrates Ofsted Outstanding Grade

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery is today celebrating an Outstanding inspection grade from Ofsted – just 4% of primary schools in the country have achieved this under the new, tougher inspection framework. Greenfields is part of the David Ross Education Trust.


Previously rated as “Good” by Ofsted, Greenfields was rated as Outstanding across the board for every category: the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and early years.


In a glowing report, inspectors praise the pupils for being “highly committed to what they are learning”, noting that they want to “challenge themselves”. Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their next steps and are very proud of their school. One pupil told the inspectors “there are so many opportunities here!”

Ofsted comment further:

  • Pupils understand that what they learn will help them to aim for different jobs. All staff are committed to broadening pupils’ horizons and pupils absorb this sense of ambition.
  • The school welcomes everyone, and pupils feel very safe in school, which parents agree with. Parents feel lucky that their children are so well supported and feel that the school offers a very high quality of education.
  • There is a sharp focus on the teaching of phonics. Children are completely absorbed by this. They develop a love of reading together and thoroughly enjoy re-telling stories, including their own.
  • The curriculum is planned with precision so that pupils build on what they know. Every Friday, parents are invited to come into school for ‘Flipping Greenfields’. Teachers explain to pupils what they will be learning during the following week. They remind them of what they have learned before. Teachers provide parents with resources to help pupils practise their skills.
  • There is a well-planned programme of enrichment activities in all subject areas. ‘Apprentice weeks’ introduce pupils to different careers. Pupils organise their ideas through debating with others. Sports captains are proud to lead their house teams in inter-house competitions. Staff are committed to all pupils attending residential experiences, from Year 2 camping to Year 6 outdoor and adventurous experiences

Inspectors also highlighted that pupils are taking an active interest in improving the world around them, including leading a road safety improvement scheme resulting in road markings being improved, and organising exercise classes for parents to help keep their families active.


Headteacher, Sandra Appleby said:

“Greenfields Primary School and Nursery is a uniquely brilliant school and I am thrilled to be able to now describe it as Outstanding (even though we have known for some years now) and to know what this means for our children and families.  Without exception, the children who attend our school bring us joy in every way.  This joy is what drives an incredibly dedicated team of staff to ensure that Greenfields offers an education that truly is second to none.


“Being a part of the Davis Ross Education Trust has enabled us enhance what we are able to offer our children and we are most grateful to the DRET team for this.  I am just delighted for everyone involved in the school and for the whole Greenfields community and want to thank my staff and pupils for being inspirational.”


Rowena Hackwood, Chief Executive of DRET said:

“We are all so incredibly proud of what has been achieved at Greenfields – it’s been clear to us for some time that the education being provided is exceptional, and it is wonderful that this is now formally recognised by Ofsted as well.

“There has been a lot of commentary around the new Ofsted inspection regime, and it’s certainly true that the new approach is more demanding. Just 4% of primary schools have achieved what Greenfields have, and Sandra and her team deserve huge congratulations for what they have achieved. At the David Ross Education Trust, we are committed to providing a world-class education that broadens our pupils’ horizons – that vision has become a reality at Greenfields.”