DRET Secondary Home Learning

Our home learning strategy has 3 priorities:

1) Removing barriers
Access: We have provided devices where possible and have posted out hundreds of work packs to students with limited or no computer access. We will continue to provide paper resources for anyone who needs it.

Training: All students across secondary have been trained in logging on in their chosen platform (Show my Homework or Google Classroom). All staff have had access to DRET central team training on Google Classroom.

All families will have a weekly call home from a member of staff to ensure that they continue to feel connected to the school in these strange circumstances. This will ensure that we can work with parents to look after the health and wellbeing of our pupils and ensure that they are accessing the work successfully.

2) Staying connected
Our role in children’s lives is wider than simply their academic education. We provide a sense of belonging outside of their family which is valuable to children’s wellbeing. With this disrupted, we have worked hard at DRET to maintain in some way a connection with school. We do this through weekly phone calls from staff they know well, (usually head of year or tutor), through social media challenges and competitions such as #DRETlistentothis or #DRETcheerupvideos, and through their connections with staff online.

3) Quality resources
Live-streaming lessons will never replicate the quality of teaching we can deliver in a classroom and it, as a strategy, is costly in terms of the requirements it places on families and resources. Therefore lesson sequence will be delivered through a variety of means, via Show my Homework or Google Classroom, and will include methods of delivery such as recorded lessons, tutorials or PowerPoints. Students are then given time to complete the work and to feedback to teachers about what they have learnt so that teachers can respond accordingly

Home Learning Websites

www.secondary.dret.cloud – Access to Secondary Student Remote Learning Tools
www.parent.dret.cloud – Parent Information and Advice

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