The David Ross Education Trust is a network of unique and diverse academies, committed to becoming one of the top-performing multi-academy trusts in the country. Recognised as one of 11 system leaders nationwide, the Trust works with 34 primary and secondary schools across the country.

Our schools range from smaller rural primaries with around 50 children, to much larger secondary schools in the centre of urban areas.

82% of the Trust’s primary schools that have been inspected since joining the Trust are now Good or Outstanding, compared to 38% before joining.

In September 2017, the Trust’s brand new through-school, Bobby Moore Academy, opened in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, London. The inspirational school, which currently caters
 for Reception, Year 7 and Year 8 students, will eventually educate, engage and inspire 1,560 primary and secondary school children across two sites that will sit alongside the former Olympic Stadium.

Working together, with a shared ethos and values, our close-knit family of schools allows pupils to begin and continue their world-class academic journey throughout primary and secondary school within the David Ross Education Trust.

You can also become a governor for one of our academies. To find out more, please click here

About the Trust: A world-class education


About the Trust: A world-class education

Our strength is our diversity. Each academy has different skills and areas of expertise, and each academy contributes something to the wider network as a whole.

Since the formation of the Trust in 2010, the infrastructure to support both the expertise and ambition of these academies has grown and developed. Each academy is now part of a regional hub, a group of schools linked by age group, geography and ambition, which ensures that innovation is captured and best practice embraced.

Underpinning this, our Core Team is a dedicated group of educationalists and specialists in their areas. They provide advice and guidance where needed, and enable senior academy leaders to focus on the educational outcomes of their students.

The collective efforts of the Trust are having a transformational effect. We are proud that we have supported some of the most improved schools in England – academies that have gone from Special Measures to Outstanding in five terms or where exam results are amongst the most improved in the country.





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"The divide between the independent and state education sectors needs to be bridged. There is much to commend across both, and no reason why the best of each cannot be combined to support the aspirations and achievements of young people."

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