David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to give every child attending one of our schools a world-class education.

The Trust's Strategy

The Trust’s Strategy

Our vision: a school of choice in our communities

  • 12,000 students
  • 1,900 teachers and staff
  • 34 academies
  • 22 primaries
  • 11 secondaries
  • 1 special school

David Ross’s vision for the Trust is to provide a world-class education for children living in parts of the country that are very important to him and his family.

Our local communities include primary, secondary and special schools across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire as well as our brand-new through school situated in London’s Olympic Park. Working together with parents and national and local partners, the Trust is committed to providing unrivalled opportunities for every one of our pupils. 

Our mission: a world-class education

“Our mission is to give every child attending one of our schools a world-class education. We achieve this through our Trust’s unique culture, where delivering academic excellence and embracing the value of enrichment and citizenship are at the heart of who we are, and what we do as an organisation.

“David Ross Education Trust schools create rich and exciting learning environments that inspire our students to become their confident, academic best through a broad and balanced curriculum.”

Stuart Burns
Chief Executive Officer

Our Broadening Horizons Values


We are highly aspirational and expect all of our students and staff to aim high academically. We will provide staff with the skills and knowledge to teach well and create a culture where high-performance is expected. We will always aim high.


We are unashamedly ambitious for the children and young people we serve. We want to provide access to opportunities within the classroom and beyond. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be.


We are courageous - trying new strategies, thinking big and not being afraid to take measured risks in the pursuit of excellence. Nothing holds us back.


We are respectful, creating an environment of calm, scholarly endeavour in our classrooms and respecting the professional integrity of all staff across academic and business functions. We are always leading by example. 

How we deliver a world-class education

We believe that every child within our Trust has the right to a world-class education and we are focusing all our efforts on achieving this objective.

This includes:

1. Every school on the path to world-class

We believe that education should be deep, knowledge-based and challenging. We are focused on implementing the ‘One Trust’ way across all stages in order to achieve this.

This includes ensuring that children are taught an interesting, stimulating and challenging curriculum by inspiring experts, with disadvantage not determining outcome.

We are:

  • Developing a standardised school transformation model to ensure all schools are on the path to outstanding
  • Standardising our curriculum to enable subject leadership and sharing of good practice
  • Using data effectively to support performance
  • Training our teachers, leaders and middle leaders against an agreed model of pedagogy

2. World-class enrichment

We believe that all children within our Trust should have access to a broad range of enrichment opportunities. This is because children with broad horizons enjoy improved attendance, are better equipped for the workplace, better world citizens and perform better in their studies.

We are Continuing to develop our outstanding enrichment and acclaimed partnerships, covering sport, arts, music and adventures to:

  • Increase participation
  • Inspire and motivate children
  • Develop talent and elite pathways
  • Stimulate competition

This includes aligning enrichment with our curriculum to ensure the greatest impact and continuing to develop the case of enrichment to transform outcomes and drive social mobility.

3. School of choice in our community

Our focus on communities means that we want to be the first-choice school for children in our localities. We believe that every child should have access to a world-class education wherever they live irrespective of their parents’ ability to pay for their education.

We are:

  • Ensuring that every school is on a journey to outstanding, so that all of our communities genuinely have access to world-class provision
  • Communicating more effectively with parents so that they understand their role in their child’s education
  • Underlining our objectives is our commitment to delivering efficient and effective systems, finances, processes, people and governance that allow our schools to focus on delivering world-class educational outcomes.

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