David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education.

Supplier Information

Supplier Infomation

The David Ross Education Trust will work with suppliers to achieve best value for money on all purchases for supplies, services and works; to provide every child attending one of our schools a world class education and learning environment.
Procurements will be carried out fairly, transparently and equitably, in compliance with regulations. Suppliers are required to comply with current regulations and must declare any conflicts of interest during any procurement or contracting activity with the Trust.

The David Ross Education Trust is the sole legal entity for the Trust and the Academies, this means individual Academies cannot enter into legally binding contracts in their name alone.

Where possible The David Ross Education Trust will use public sector frameworks to appoint suppliers. Information about frameworks recommended for education can be found on www.gov.uk/guidance/buying-for-schools. Suppliers are encouraged to contact the Public Sector Buying Organisations to find out how to become a supplier on these frameworks.

Where it is not possible to use a public sector framework, contract opportunities will be advertised via our Supplier Portal. Please register to find out about these opportunities, participate in a tender or provide a quotation, via https://in-tendhost.co.uk/dret/aspx/Home

Information about opportunities to work with The David Ross Education Trust will be published via our Supplier Portal.