David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education.

Our Team

Our People

The Trust has over 1,900 staff committed to improving the life chances of young people across the network.

While the Trust provides the framework and foundations, our successes are the collective efforts and achievements of everyone associated with the network.

This is underpinned by the vision of the Trustees, and supported by the expertise of the Trust’s Chief Executive, Directors and Heads of Service and the educationalists who work across the Trust to ensure best practice and innovation is embraced and embedded.

Executive Team


  • Stuart Burns
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Neild
    Deputy CEO and Director of Secondary Education
  • Simon Rose
    Director of Primary Education
  • Rachel Ridgill
    Director of HR
  • Jane Spencer
    Chief Finance Officer
  • Peter Wilson
    Interim Chief Finance Officer
  • Maria Maltby
    Director of Governance
  • Jonathan French
    Director of Operations


Primary Education Team


  • Simon Rose
    Director of Primary Education
  • Rod Warsap
    Director of Primary Quality Assurance
  • Wendy Baxter
    Director of Primary Development
  • Sandra Appleby
    Senior Regional Director
  • Kim Duff
    Regional Director
  • Kim Lawton
    Regional Director
  • Janey Cooksley
    Regional Director
  • Dominique Osborne
    Regional Director
  • Karen Smith
    Head of Primary Maths and Assessment Lead
  • Claire Tyrell-Smith
    EYFS Strategic Lead
  • Helen Savage
    EYFS Specialist Lead Practitioner


Secondary Education Team


  • Mark Neild
    Deputy CEO and Director of Secondary Education
  • Helena Brothwell
    Director of School Improvement
  • Juliet Jaggs
    Director of Quality Assurance
  • Grace Healy
    Education Director
  • Joanne McCluskie
    Trust Wide Lead - English
  • Emma Swift
    Trust Wide Lead - Science
  • Natalie Johnston
    Trust Wide Lead - Science
  • Ben Walsh
    Trust Wide Lead - History
  • Chantal Mayo-Hollaway
    Trust Wide Lead - Geography
  • Cristo Rodriguez-Casado
    Trust Wide Lead - RE
  • Virginie Barre
    Trust Wide Lead - MFL
  • Jo Pickering
    Trust Wide Lead - MFL
  • Joanne Woodhouse
    Trust Wide Lead - PSHE
  • Alice Smyth
    Trust Wide Lead - PE
  • Linda Brothwell
    Trust Wide Lead - Art and Design & Art and Technology


Heads of Service


  • Richard Widdison
    Head of HR
  • Karen Linnett
    Financial Controller
  • Ellis Jacklin
    IT & Data Director
  • Shane Ward
    Head of Sports Enrichment
  • Simon Toyne
    Executive Director of Music
  • Amy Neeves
    Head of Estates & Capital Programmes
  • Mandy Joiner
    Head of Primary Operations




  • David Ross
    Chair of Trustees
  • The Ross Foundation
    represented by Joanne Hoareau
  • The Diocese of Peterborough
    represented by Peter Cantley
  • David Overton
  • Christopher Houlding




  • David Ross
  • Christine Counsell
  • Joanne Hoareau
  • Tracey Maloney
  • David Hall
  • Nigel Langstaff
  • Peter Cantley
  • Richard Emerton
  • Will Bickford-Smith