David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The Trust seeks to bring together the best that the independent sector offers and the state education sector provides.

While our academies are very different in terms of their identities and communities, the aspirations and ambitions that unite the network are clearly defined and set.

In addition, there are common features in all of our academies.

These common features include:

  • Academic excellence;
  • A house structure to foster a culture of mutual respect and teamwork;
  • An extensive co-curricular offering to broaden opportunity and experience for all students within their academy;
  • An early and relentless focus on literacy;
  • A uniform code to nurture a sense of identity and responsibility with high expectation around personal appearance;
  • A Governing Body and a Principal who exercise their local autonomy within this framework; and
  • A commitment to excellence and a culture of high aspirations.

Through our strong determination to offer the very best for our students, results are strengthening and students’ life chances are improving. More students are not only getting stronger results, but using these results to access opportunities that they may not have traditionally considered open to them.

To achieve this mission, three strategic objectives are at the heart of everything that we do:

Academic Excellence

From nursery through to GCSE and A-Levels, the Trust is committed to the highest academic standards that enable all students to exceed and excel.

Strong Community

Through links with the communities we serve, our inspiring partners and with the expertise of the wider network, community is at the heart of the Trust at every level.

Outstanding Opportunities

 We are committed to providing the very best for our students academically as well as through opportunities in music, sport, culture and personal development.