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Three Lincolnshire Students Win Gold at National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

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  • 29th Jun 2021 15:10

Three Lincolnshire Students Win Gold at National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

Students from three DRET Academies in Lincolnshire Ranked Number One in the Country

Three students from three schools in Lincolnshire, all part of the David Ross Education Trust, won gold at the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships this year to become the fastest indoor rowers in the UK.


Jimmy B from Humberston Academy won the 2-minute race completing 551m, Nichola S from Charles Read Academy won the 3-minute row, completing a distance of 771m, and Lucy W from Barnes Wallis Academy won the 4-minute race, rowing a distance of 1,054m.


Jimmy, Nichola and Lucy beat out hundreds of others in their races, with a total of 2,271 male participants and 1,551 female participants entering the championships from schools across the nation.


The David Ross Education Trust is widely known for sporting excellence across all of its 34 academies and invests heavily in ensuring students have access to high quality coaching, equipment, and facilities that help them to grow as athletes in various sports. Rowing has been a focus for the Trust for 8 years, which provides some unique opportunities which are unrivalled in the state education sector. Students can access afterschool clubs, house competitions, Rowvember, Masterclasses and All-Star squads throughout the year, and they also have opportunities to compete in Trust rowing competitions each September, November and December. The triumph of three DRET students achieving gold this year at NJIORC, and many other great results from the DRET All Star squad, continues to demonstrate the success of DRET’s rowing programme, with many students only trying the sport when they join in year 7.


National Junior Indoor Rowing Champion Lucy W said:

“I am so happy about winning at NJIRC. I am super grateful for everyone that has supported me since I started rowing. I have enjoyed being able to compete in numerous competitions and I cannot wait to continue with my training.”


National Champion Jimmy B said:

“It was a shock coming first in NJIRC for my age, it shows that my efforts on a rower at home have paid off and I am now going down to Brigg rowing club on weekends.”


Shane Ward, Head of Sports Enrichment at the David Ross Education Trust, said:

“We are incredibly proud of our students for their achievements at NJIRC. Winning gold at a national regatta such as this one is no small feat, and we are so excited to see what they go on to do next. At DRET, sports is an integral part of school life for our students, and we consistently strive to help our young people grow into the best athletes they can be. We will continue to develop our sports provision and ensure that no student misses out on reaching their full athletic potential.”