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Thomas Middlecott Academy partners with the renowned Music in Secondary Schools Trust MiSST

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  • 18th Jul 2023 12:10

Thomas Middlecott Academy partners with the renowned Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST)

Thomas Middlecott Academy, part of the David Ross Education trust, has recently partnered with the renowned Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST) to provide transformative classical music education for their students in Boston, Lincolnshire. This is the first time MiSST has worked with a school in Boston.

This latest collaboration marks a milestone for both the school and MiSST, which has expanded its reach to help provide exciting opportunities to students.

MiSST works with 29 schools across the UK, including London, Oldham, Warwickshire, Middlesbrough, Cumbria, Bournemouth, Dorset, Yorkshire. Its mission is to be at the forefront of classical music education and to bring opportunities to children who might not have been able to access music tuition.

Students will receive a minimum of three years tuition, as well as free classical instruments and performance opportunities. 

Founded in 2013 after extensive development at an inner-city London school, MiSST's methods, which later became the Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme, played a pivotal role in enhancing the development of students from a range of backgrounds. Currently supporting over 10,200 students, MiSST has already impacted the lives of more than 18,700 children, with projections to support over 20,000 children by September 2023.

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber said:

“Engagement in the arts changes lives. The positive impact of the arts on health, social mobility and well being are now irrefutable. I passionately believe that everyone in this country particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds should be able to participate and I am thrilled that MiSST's music programme will make the difference for these young people.”

Rachel Landon, CEO of MiSST, said: 

“MiSST are thrilled to be partnering with Thomas Middlecott Academy from September 23 and it will be our first school in Boston, Lincolnshire. The school like MiSST are dedicated to bringing opportunities to children who may not have been able to afford this provision and understand the positive impact that a high quality music programme can have on children and are committed to bringing this entitlement to them. The children will get a minimum of three years tuition and will be following our curriculum named The Andrew Lloyd Webber programme which has had a significant impact on the lives of so many children around the country.” 

Kimberley Willmot, Executive Principal at Thomas Middlecott School said:

“This collaboration between Thomas Middlecott Academy and MiSST aligns with our belief that engagement in the arts can foster a love of learning. We believe that the arts have a hugely positive impact on mental health, wellbeing and the wider community.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate and this programme has a proven history of helping students reach their full potential. I am thrilled that MiSST's music programme is coming to Thomas Middlecott, where this increased access to the arts will make a real difference for our young people."