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The David Ross Education Trust announces partnership with Speed Agility Quickness

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  • 6th Jan 2022 10:35

The David Ross Education Trust announces partnership with Speed Agility Quickness®

The David Ross Education Trust announces partnership with Speed Agility Quickness®

 DRET places an emphasis on developing fundamental movements in young children post-lockdown


Over the last year, the nation’s children have been unable to participate in PE or sports. With schools closed, swimming lessons cancelled, and group sports put on hold, there have been very few opportunities for sporting development. Not only has this put a strain on the mental and physical health of our young children - particularly in the youngest age groups – but this lack of physical activity may mean that they have not been learning fundamental movement skills at all. 

One family of schools, the David Ross Education Trust (DRET), recently announced a new partnership with Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ®) in order to tackle this issue. DRET is widely recognised for its excellent sporting provision, and their flagship ‘Horizons programme’ is designed to teach young children the basics of bodily movement – jumping, hopping, balance, throwing and catching. 

SAQ® share this commitment, and they are specialists in teaching fundamental movements. Both DRET and SAQ® believe in providing children with a bedrock of strong fundamentals so that they can go on and play sport to a high level. Allan Pearson, the founder of SAQ® is one of the recognised pioneers around this concept. 


DRET’s partnership with SAQ® aims to enhance children’s movement skills and, as a result, their ability to play sport to a higher level or simply lead an active lifestyle. Not only will this partnership benefit pupils, but it will also provide CPD opportunities for their teachers as well. DRET will offer a range of SAQ® industry-recognised awards and qualifications for staff to build their knowledge on how to teach fundamental movements. 


Alex Green, Primary Sports Enrichment Manager at the David Ross Education Trust, said: 

“Here at DRET, we are continuously improving our sporting provision, and our aim is to produce not only great athletes, but active and healthy young people. We want our pupils to develop these fundamental movement skills so that they have a strong foundation for growth and improvement and strong physical literacy. We are so excited to be partnering with the experts at SAQ® and look forward to seeing the fantastic strides that our children make as we implement this new programme across our trust.”