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The David Ross Education Trust Lockdown Cup Sees Remarkable Success

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  • 19th Mar 2021 15:52

The David Ross Education Trust Lockdown Cup Sees Remarkable Success

Schools from London to Hull participated in a challenge to get active over Lockdown.
Pupils rack up enough kilometres to travel around the world twice since January


The David Ross Education Trust, a family of 34 schools from London to Hull, ran the ‘Lockdown Cup’ from January – March to encourage students and staff to stay active while learning from home.

Pupils and staff have embraced the opportunity, so much so that together they racked up a total of 83,124km.  - the equivalent of traveling the circumference of Earth, twice.

In total, 1,484 participants took part in the Lockdown Cup, with the total number of submissions a staggering 12,564, which means that students and staff across the Trust were logging approximately 216 workouts per day.

The competition was open to all staff and students across the Trust. Participants recorded a physical activity each day throughout Lockdown 3 to count towards their academy’s total distance. Activities included walking, running, cycling, scooting, rowing etc and were recorded on apps where screenshots of their distances and routes were submitted to DRET sport for counting. The winning school received a brand new, Under Armour sports kit for one of their sports teams.

The announcement of school closures and a third national lockdown back in January was exceedingly difficult for many of our pupils and families. The Lockdown Cup offered a daily dose of motivation to keep active and stay engaged with school – the element of competition intrinsic to the lockdown cup brought school communities together through an otherwise isolating period. The added incentive of winning a brand-new sports kit meant that this competition was extremely popular and saw incredible numbers take part.

The Lockdown Cup had three opportunities for a winning team: the first in January, the second in February, and the third champion was the overall winner. However, one school came out on top each time. Havelock Academy in Grimsby bagged the trophy on all three occasions by covering the furthest distance, following a spirited effort led by Principal Emma Marshall.

Emma Marshall, Principal of Havelock Academy, said:

“I went from doing near to no daily exercise before the competition, to now walking or cycling up for 40km every single day and continuing to do so outside of the competition. This is an incredible achievement for me and there are a number of individuals who have used the DRET Lockdown Challenge to embed daily exercise into their lifestyle.

"A big thank you from me for setting up the cup - it really is making a positive difference to wellbeing across our school community."

Bringhurst Primary School in Market Harborough also came out with three winning titles, having covered the most KM per head in January, February, and overall.

Special mentions also go to Felix E (CRA), Karl S (CHARN), Henry H (HAV), Grace H (HAV), and Dan B (BM), who were the individuals covering the furthest distance in the Trust. Finally, eight individuals became honorary members of the 58 club, for those who were active every day throughout the competition i.e 58 consecutive days: Lance W, Charlotte D (BWA), Chris R, Emma M, Kerry D, Robyn L (HAV), George W, Jack P (SGS).

The Lockdown Cup has provided students, staff and families alike with the motivation and encouragement to stay active and look after their physical and mental health through a challenging time. While lockdown has come to a close and the DRET Lockdown Cup may be over, following its success, DRET Sport are looking forward to launching the DRET New Year Cup which will follow the same format throughout the month of January each year, starting in 2022. This will continue our mission of encouraging active and healthy lives in our young students and creating positive life-long habits.

Shane Ward, Head of Sports Enrichment at the David Ross Education Trust, said:

“A huge congratulations to Havelock Academy, Bringhurst, and all of the individuals who went above and beyond during the Lockdown Cup. While the inter-school competition was fun and fierce, ultimately this was a trust-wide effort that will have positive repercussions for the weeks, months, and years ahead. The amazing efforts of all of our schools and participants is a fantastic example of what our community can achieve when we work together. We hope to continue the momentum of the Lockdown Cup by running it as the DRET New Year Cup from 2022 onwards, to inspire young people to lead healthy, active lifestyles that will stand them in good stead for the future.”