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New reading scheme pays off for Charnwood College

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  • 24th Nov 2020 15:40

New reading scheme pays off for Charnwood College

A new reading scheme introduced at Charnwood College has produced some stunning results in improvements in reading amongst students.

Since the start of the year, students have made 50% more progress in their reading than the national average as a result of these changes - in practice, this means they are making five months of progress compared to three and half for months for other students.

At the end of last year, the school redesigned their reading curriculum, placing the Accelerated Reader programme as the centrepiece of their approach.

Part of the David Ross Education Trust, Charnwood’s redesign of their reading curriculum means that children in Year 7 and 8 have one lesson a week solely dedicated to reading. Pupils are also encouraged to read for 20 minutes every day in tutor time as well as during the lunchbreak.

Overall, this means that Charnwood students are reading for at least two hours a week, far more than would typically happen in other secondary schools.

Charnwood’s approach has also meant that teachers are able to easily identify and support pupils who may be struggling.

And school staff know how to keep students interested. Quizzes form an integral part of the reading curriculum, with students encouraged to test their knowledge to tap into their naturally competitive spirits. There are prizes on offer as well, with 35 Easter eggs recently up for grabs, generously donated by local businesses.


Lara Morley, Lead Practitioner in English, said:

“It used to be such a struggle to get our students involved in reading, but over the last year we’ve seen such a shift in our overall culture around reading. Accelerated Reader has played a huge part in this as its helped us track our students’ reading levels and use the results to keep pushing them to try more complex literature.”


Alastair O’Connor, Principal at Charnwood College, said:

“The new reading curriculum has been transformational for Charnwood. Over the past year our students have gone from strength to strength in terms of their reading levels, and we’ve been able to really track their development over time.

“The great results we’ve seen in reading are also paying off across the school. There are real links between higher levels of reading and higher attainment, and reading generally is great for helping students prepare for exams in other subjects.