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Briar Hill Primary School Maintains 'Good' Rating in Latest Ofsted Inspection

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  • 6th Jan 2022 10:06

Briar Hill Primary School Maintains 'Good' Rating in Latest Ofsted Inspection

Briar Hill Primary School Maintains ‘Good’ Rating in Latest Ofsted Inspection

 Ofsted offers Briar Hill high praise and hints the school is on track to be rated Outstanding upon its next review 


Briar Hill Primary School, part of the David Ross Education Trust (DRET), has retained its Ofsted ‘Good’ rating in its latest school inspection. Inspectors also indicated that there is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school could be judged ‘Outstanding’ if its next inspection were to be carried out now. 


Briar Hill was initially rated ‘Good’ in 2016, and today’s report affirms that the school continues to perform to a high level in spite of new challenges they have faced throughout the pandemic, recognising their ongoing commitment to progress. 


The inspectors were highly impressed with Briar Hill’s teaching and learning as well as the academic performance of pupils at the school. They noted that reading was an area the school particularly excels in, and “The headteacher leads with an ambition to ensure that all pupils, regardless of background, succeed in reading.” They were also impressed with how reading was used as a tool of understanding, commenting that older pupils talked about how books have helped them to develop an understanding and acceptance of different communities. 


The report also recognises curriculum development as a whole, which leaders have evaluated and refined to make sure that they are ambitious, set out important knowledge clearly, and meet pupils’ needs. Pupils’ non-academic needs are also met, with the report noting that pupils feel safe in school, know where to go if they are worried and that adults will look after them if they have any worries, and know that their voice matters.


Inspectors were also particularly impressed with the feedback from children, parents and carers at Briar Hill, who describe the school as a welcoming place where everyone is accepted and who, almost without exception, speak highly of the school. Parents reported feeling as cared for as the pupils, noting that they see staff as friendly and approachable, and many parents commented on how leaders have adapted the school environment and the curriculum to help their children succeed. 


Janey Cooksley, Principal at Briar Hill Primary School, said: 

“We are absolutely delighted with our latest Ofsted inspection report. It feels fantastic to have the hard work we do every day to ensure our school performs to the highest possible standards recognised and to read the wonderful feedback of inspectors, parents and pupils.

“We will continue to do everything we can to serve our school community and to secure the Outstanding rating that we deserve.” 


Simon Rose, Director of Primary Education at the David Ross Education Trust, said: 

“A huge congratulations to Briar Hill on their latest Ofsted inspection. This excellent report is the culmination of years of strong leadership from Principal Janey Cooksley and the wider team at Briar Hill, who are committed to improving educational outcomes both within Briar Hill and across the Trust as a whole. I have every confidence that through the ongoing determination of the school’s leadership team, Briar Hill will achieve its goals of becoming an Outstanding school, and we look forward to sharing the joy of their continued success.”