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BMA Primary is first primary school to benefit from DRET's Future Financials Programme

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  • 20th Dec 2023 09:18

BMA Primary is first primary school to benefit from DRET’s Future Financials Programme

Year 5 pupils from Bobby Moore Academy (BMA) primary in East London, part of the David Ross Education Trust (DRET), were recently visited by Nationwide staff for a day-long money management programme as part of the building society’s local financial education programme.

Nationwide’s Money Lessons programme helped teach Year 5 about all things money, and the visit also marked the launch of DRET’s Future Financials programme, created by Katie Baker, a senior administrator at DRET. Pupils from across the David Ross Education Trust will also take part in future.

Pupils benefitted from an introduction to personal finance, delivered in an accessible way, including games where pupils decided how they would budget for a day out and estimated the cost of food shops, for example.

Pupils also learnt essential information about current accounts, savings and interest rates, how ATMs work and how to budget.

There was a strong focus on online safety and how to keep money safe, including raising awareness about scams and money mules.

All the children from BMA primary received piggy banks and certificates at the end of the day and they took part in a whole class discussion on what they had learnt.

Pupils clearly enjoyed the day, with Tahliah explaining “I enjoyed how we learn to stay safe and protect ourselves from dangers” and Muhammad commenting that he liked learning about how current accounts and bank accounts work.

BMA primary pupil, Nariah, added “I really liked how ATMs worked and learning how money is transferred. I liked to meet the adults teaching us all this today.”


Katie Baker, Senior Administrator at David Ross Education Trust, said: “20 years ago, when I worked in the financial sector, I had a wish to bring financial education to the children to help them make informed decisions in their futures.  Since January 2023, whilst working for DRET, I have had the wonderful opportunity to bring this to fruition by creating our Future Financials Programme and working to bring in Nationwide Building Society’s Money Lessons programme.” 


Bradley David, Head of BMA Primary, said: “It has been brilliant to see the children learning about personal finance and developing their confidence.

“We are thrilled to be the first school taking part in this programme and we’re very grateful to Nationwide for spending the day with us.

“We all know how essential and valuable these skills are and this programme will help us prepare our pupils for bright futures.”


Hayley Mosedale, Retail Services Lead at Nationwide Building Society, said: “It’s great to see our Money Lessons appearing alongside DRET’s new Future Financials Programme, helping support a new generation with their finances. It’s never been more important to learn healthy habits at a young age – and with these lessons, I’m confident that we’re helping develop lifelong money skills.”