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Activities provided by David Ross Education Trust aim to prepare children for school

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  • 21st Jan 2021 10:46

Activities provided by David Ross Education Trust aim to prepare children for school


Over the Christmas holidays, six Northampton primary schools put together a series of fun and engaging activities that families with young children can do at home together in order to better prepare their young ones for reception.

The David Ross Education Trust, which is a family of 34 schools from London to Yorkshire, developed their “Ready for Reception” pack to help ease the pressure on local families to come up with practical activities during periods of isolation, and to empower them with the tools to best support their child’s future.

As England sinks into its third national lockdown, these specialised resources have become even more valuable. While Boris Johnson has assured the nation that nurseries and day-care facilities can remain open, some may elect to offer a limited service, and some parents may decide they prefer to keep their children at home.

The digital pack not only provides parents with more time to engage with their children by reducing their workload, but the activities have also been specifically designed to help keep young children on track and prepare them for the challenges of entering reception next year, whether those challenges are social, emotional, or educational.

These fun, exciting activities range from star gazing to making rainbows using CDs and bubbles, making it easy to encourage young children to be curious and enthusiastic about learning – the perfect way to pass long days in lockdown and prepare for a smooth transition into reception.

The “Ready for Reception” packs have already reached almost 10,000 parents across Northampton, and over 1,000 parents were engaging with these materials even before a national lockdown was announced. Now, more than ever, these resources will be vital for those parents who either cannot access childcare or are choosing to keep their children at home to protect loved ones.


Kim Duff, Headteacher of Kings Heath Primary Academy, said:

“Here at Kings Heath Primary Academy, we appreciate how difficult this announcement will be for parents of young children who will now, in many cases, be without childcare services once again. We have plenty of experience and knowledge about how best to prepare for reception, and we wanted to share our knowledge in the hopes that it could be beneficial for local families struggling for ideas. We are proud to support our local community and we hope that these activity packs will prove both useful and fun for parents and children alike.”


Janey Cooksley, Headteacher of Briar Hill Primary School, said:

“The announcement of further school closures comes as a huge blow for families across our community and indeed the country, and we recognise the challenges that it will bring. However, we are determined to continue to look ahead and prepare our next generation of young learners for the start of their school journey, which means providing parents with the resources they need to do that. Our activity pack is designed to be easy and effective, not to mention fun, and we hope that it will provide some comfort in an otherwise turbulent time.”


Stuart Burns, CEO of the David Ross Education Trust, said:

“We are delighted to be able to offer this activity pack to local families at this challenging time. As a Trust, we believe that every child deserves the absolute best education on offer, and we strive to provide our pupils with that every day.

“We know how much pressure families are under, and we hope that providing this digital pack will help ease that by providing some fun and engaging activities, whilst also helping nursery aged children start to prepare for primary school.”


The schools who have developed and distributed “Ready for Reception” packs are:

Briar Hill Primary School

Cedar Road Primary School

Eastfield Academy

Kings Heath Primary Academy

Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School

The Arbours Primary Academy