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Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education.



Music at DRET

"The power of music needs to be properly unleashed in every school, not just for the privileged few."

Richard Morrison, Chief Culture Writer for The Times, wrote these words in response to the publication of the National Plan for Music Education (2022). At DRET, we all share his passion -
every child in every school has the right to a well-rounded, high-quality music education.

This kind of music education is one of purpose and power: it’s not presented as a ‘nice to have’ or a mere cultural commodity, but is one which actively and continuously transforms lives – of students, staff, parents and communities. 

  • Being taught well by skilled, knowledgeable, musical teachers whose every act continually develops musicianship in their students and themselves, introducing music that is new to them and expanding their cultural horizons;
  • Being able to take part in a thorough, all-encompassing co-curricular programme;
  • Being given the space and time to practise and rehearse at school;
  • Being able to take part in concerts at school and within the community, and to encounter live professional performances;
  • Being valued by their peers, because of the value shown to music by headteachers and school leadership teams;
  • Having music teachers who love working in their school because they are treated well, with school structures adapting flexibly to accommodate the unique nature of school music…

 This should not be a privilege. It should be the expectation.

Our vision

All students should experience music in school as a normal, everyday activity, making music through singing, performing and composing, listening to music with increasing understanding, and participating in performances as performers and as audience members. All students should have the opportunity to progress their musical interests and talents, including professionally.

Our goals

1) All students experience excellent music teaching in the classroom, with its focus on developing musical understanding – how music works and how it conveys meaning.

2) Students have the opportunity to learn an instrument, with 1:1 / group lessons taking place during the school day, and to practise individually and rehearse in instrumental and vocal groups before school, during lunchtime and after school.

3) Students participate in a series of musical events running through the year – assemblies, house music competitions, student concerts, school shows, workshops, residencies, arts weeks, trips to professional concerts – in which they experience music as a vital element in public culture.

The DRET Music Way

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The DRET Choral Festival 2023

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