David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to give every child attending one of our schools a world-class education.



We value the power each school subject provides, and we endeavour to ensure students are able to accomplish a secure foundation in every subject, so that this will serve them in their future learning and life more broadly.

Access to the knowledge sought and laboured over by previous generations and an understanding of its structure, its origin, its status (such as its revisability and whether it is contested) is the entitlement of every child.

To achieve this, we invest significant time and resource in the development of ambitious and rigorous curricula across all schools within the Trust.


Our primary curriculum is already well-advanced, and we continue to develop and refine our common approaches to reading, writing and mathematics. Wrapped around our Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC) we aim to develop the subject knowledge of our teachers to ensure that the curriculum enhances pupils’ understanding of the world. 

Our aim is that we remain consistently one of the top-performing primary trusts in the country, with a growing number of children achieving the “Greater Depth” standard, and the disadvantage gap disappearing completely.



In our secondaries, subject communities are central to curriculum and teacher development. Our subject communities are made up of subject specialist teachers deeply engaged with curricular questions, renewing and holding ownership of the Trust-wide curriculum and sustaining their own subject expertise. Our focus on the quality of curriculum ensures that we equip our secondary students to achieve their full potential at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.