David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education.

Strong Community

At the heart of our Trust is our firm belief in creating outstanding community citizens.

Our partnerships, our culture and our commitment to the communities that we serve, define who we are and how we set about achieving our objectives and our aspirations.

We expect our students to be kind, courteous and respectful of others in everything that they do. It’s about creating schools and students that our communities can be proud of.

From contributing to their School House, to representing their peers as part of the School Council, teamwork, democracy and proactive participation are encouraged from the very moment that pupils begin their school career with the David Ross Education Trust.

Community cohesion is promoted through our local, national and international links. Every student is encouraged to take part in community challenges in order to help give back to their local community, to value our local neighbourhoods and to learn to empathise with others.

Our partners

In order to deliver a world-class education, we work with world-renowned organisations that are specialists in their fields.

Through their support we can further enrich the learning experiences of our pupils, and provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and experiences that are truly unique to our Trust.

We are incredibly proud of our partnerships with many prestigious organisations including Russell Group universities, independent schools, arts and music specialists, national governing bodies, professional clubs and many hundreds of national, regional and local organisations across the UK.