The Trustees developed the organisation's Strategic Plan in Spring 2016 for the next phase of our development.

Reflecting on the Trust’s mission, five areas have been identified that Trustees believe will have the potential to make the biggest impact on the Trust’s future performance. These were:

  • Developing the Trust’s teaching approach and practice for sustained school improvement
  • Strengthening leadership and governance
  • Developing the curriculum, with a strong focus on the educational continuum and embedding enrichment into the education offer
  • Developing the central functions and infrastructure of the Trust
  • Ensuring the long term viability of the Trust and its academies

Four key areas are also highlighted as the priority areas for investment between 2016-2020. These are:

Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs remain central to the Trust’s improvement model. Regional hubs are groups of academies linked by geography, containing a strong framework which encourages best practice and resources to be shared. This alliance is the route by which the Trust will address the legacy of underachievement, truly transforming our educational system.


ICT is at the heart of our teaching and learning ambitions and ensuring that our students are ready for life in the 21st century. We need to invest in, and value, the contribution that e-learning can make to the network.

Early Years

The early years in a child’s education are the building blocks on which their schooling is built. The Trust will extend nursery provision and support families by investing in high quality wrap around provision.

Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles

A child’s contribution should be judged on more than just what is achieved in the classroom, it is also about the value they add to their community. Instilling the importance of citizenship and healthy lifestyles should sit hand in hand with academic endeavour.

The summary of the Strategic Plan can be found in the document below:

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