We are incredibly lucky to be able to work alongside outstanding organisations and individuals who are happy to share their expertise and skills in supporting the David Ross Foundation's vision to give children better life chances.

Our enrichment programme is exciting and varied, designed to encourage every young person to explore new things, develop their passions and discover their talents.

The benefits are clear. These opportunities support the learning in the classroom, give students the experiences that bring to life UCAS and job applications, and encourage them to realise the importance of developing social and leadership skills.

That is why the enrichment programme is embedded into everything in the Trust.

“It was very worthwhile. The children in both year groups loved the session as it added “wow” to their topics.”

Marie Lally, Headteacher, describing the children’s animal encounters day.

As you can see from the figures to the right, the number of enrichment opportunities, excluding our growing sports figures, continues to grow year on year.

Amongst the highlights in the 2015/16 academic year were:

  • 2,066 primary children went on Outward Bound experiences
  • Over 1,500 primary children spent time at the Nevill Holt Farm
  • 1,000 children benefitted from the Forest School programme
  • 12 primary academies took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival
  • The Barnes Wallis Space Camp programme had a successful second year, with three students going to Space Camp Alabama.
  • The Trust broadened the provision of HE opportunities by developing links with a wider range of institutions. The University of Nottingham, the University of Cambridge and Uppingham School remain critical to the success of our HE programme.
  • The Trust’s new Executive Director of Music, Simon Toyne, has enhanced the music opportunities on offer with an exciting range of partners.


Primary enrichment opportunities in 2013/14


Primary enrichment opportunities in 2015/16


Secondary enrichment opportunities in 2013/14


Secondary enrichment opportunities in 2015/16

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“Leaders ensure that time is allotted during the school day for enrichment opportunities so that all pupils can benefit equally, including disadvantaged pupils and the many pupils who rely on school buses to get home. This typifies their commitment to securing equality of opportunity for all pupils. The strong enrichment programme also contributes well to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”


Taken from a 2017 Inspection report


“Pupils appreciate the rich extra-curricular activities which develop their sporting, musical and academic skills. For example, pupils spoke enthusiastically about the ‘apprentice day’, where they have the opportunity to experience a range of jobs. Pupils realise the valuable contribution they can make to the workplace as a result of this experience.”


Taken from a 2017 Inspection report

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