Vamos Drama Workshop at Lincoln Drill Hall

Friday, March 10, 2017

Drama students from two DRET academies visited Lincoln Drill Hall to take part in an inspiring drama workshop.

The Vamos Theatre Group, who use masks as part of their productions, ran the interactive session with students from King Edward VI Academy and Skegness Grammar School.

The students were shown how to get into character by inspecting the masks’ facial expressions and trying to replicate them through their own stance, gestures and movements.

Students were even able to try on the masks that actors wear in their performances.

A student who took part in the workshop said: “Even without dialogue, we were able to provoke laughter and sadness through the new techniques shown.

“Overall the workshop gave us an amazing insight into how we could develop our own performances.”

Following the two-hour workshop, students took their seats within the theatre to watch the evening performance of The Best Thing. Students left the theatre inspired and touched by the performance and came away with a diverse array of new acting skills.

Susanna Kemp, Secondary Enrichment Coordinator at DRET, said: “This workshop was a successful opportunity to help drama students maximise their skills.

“The students were fully engaged throughout the day and came away with new tips to help them reach their full potential.”