New ‘Monday’s Debates’ programme launched across the David Ross Education Trust

Monday, November 13, 2017

System Leader in Education introduces new debating programme across 34 academies in order to boost confidence and life-skills in the 21st century workplace

The David Ross Education Trust has launched a brand-new debating programme across its 34 schools that aims to stimulate inspiring and engaging classroom group discussions that focus on a range of current affairs topics.

Recent research from the Sutton Trust’s Life Lesson report shows that 88% of young people, 94% of employers and 97% of teachers say that essential life skills, such as confidence, articulacy, social skills and teamwork, are as or more important than academic qualifications.

The Trust’s pioneering ‘Monday’s Debate’ programme has been created to help students develop their articulacy, confidence and interest in the wider world. Each week, thousands of the Trust’s primary and secondary students watch short, thought provoking films and then spend time debating them each Monday in class, having reflected on the subjects over the weekend. The Trust’s schools are also sharing debate themes with pupils’ parents and carers to encourage families to discuss ideas ahead of each Monday’s Debate.

Recent subjects included the ‘impact of technology in modern life’ and Human Rights, with future themes focused on Remembrance Day and War and Peace.

Following each Monday’s Debate, students and staff share their views with schools across the Trust to showcase how students are absorbing and embracing their perspectives and those of their fellow classmates.

Rowena Hackwood, Chief Executive Officer at the David Ross Education Trust, said: “We believe that British education needs to be broader in the experiences that it provides for young people. The 21st-century workplace needs open-minded and creative thinkers who are able to address the challenges of our times.

“Our Monday’s Debate programme challenges students to think in a creative way and to help develop discussions beyond the current curriculum set in schools.

“At the David Ross Education Trust, we are committed to proving every student with a world-class education. As part of this, students are encouraged to build their confidence and life-skills in order to realise their true potential. This unique programme will inspire our students to become their confident, academic best in the classroom, in the workplace and in their communities.”