British artist inspires DRET students

Monday, June 26, 2017

Students from across the David Ross Education Trust’s secondary academies had the chance to meet British artist, David Dawson, during an art lecture at Lodge Park Academy.

The artist, who is best known as the studio assistant of world-renowned painter Lucian Freud, has exhibited his artwork at the National Portrait Gallery and Malborough Fine Art in London.

During an interview with the Trust’s sponsor, David Ross, Mr Dawson spoke about his painting and style influences.

David Dawson said: “What interests me as a painter is standing still and noticing life around me. The concept of looking at a particular subject and finding something new, or something I have not noticed before, really does excite me.

“You need to find a subject that really means a lot to you, such as your friends or your street, study this subject and make your paintings come to life.

“Art is about finding your feet and expressing your voice, no matter what it takes. If you can find that, you’re off on your own journey.”

Following the exclusive Q&A session, Sixth Form students from Lodge Park Academy also has the opportunity to showcase their work during a workshop with the artist. The students were encouraged to produce portraits of each other, where they focused on portraying individual features and personalities.

Meanwhile, Year 10 students were also treated to a careers talk from Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Dr Nick Cullinan. The former curator encouraged students to follow their ambitions and make the most of opportunities to broaden their horizons.

Dr Cullinan said: “Think about your strengths and weaknesses, and tailor these in order to discover your passions.

“You need to find something you love doing, give it your all and work hard for it.”

Richard Williams, Director of Academic Studies at the David Ross Education Trust, said: “This event was an incredible opportunity for the students to interact with two highly respected role-models within the art industry.

“The students have been left inspired by the exclusive visit, and it has encouraged them to work hard and show commitment in order to pursue their dreams.”